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Ninja Tools

Many tools exist to assist with real estate investing. Some are simple and cheap, some expensive and complex. You can also hire an expert to create something custom.

Here are a few helpful resources. Use your own judgment. We neither endorse them nor have any business interest in them.


These are the best easily available spreadsheets we’ve found. Rentals and flips are covered by two different spreadsheets. Even with only rentals, the flip tool is useful for planning inevitable repairs needed on your acquisition of the property. There are free and pay versions. You can do most of what you need with the free versions and graduate to the pay version, if necessary.


This is a huge and useful site. One of the most beneficial uses is the definition of financial terms. Though surprising, it is entirely possible that an investment may be structured in a way that does not actually provide the optimum results because the organizer does not fully understand a financial term or the best use of that term. It’s helpful to read and understand every term mentioned in a deal presentation.


This is another big site. They offer software and for-pay courses on evaluating commercial real estate.


This is the gold standard of commercial analysis. The certification Is fairly expensive and can take years to attain, including the required participation in significant deals. But this distinction is highly recognized by lenders, brokers, investors, and sellers. And it’s not just for real estate brokers. Most CCIMs are not brokers or salespersons. Finally, you can take the courses of study even if you don’t want to commit to the certification.


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