We believe that in real estate if you search, you will find.

Boreal Properties Inventory

We’re always scouting for opportunities and running the numbers looking for those great deals. Here’s a sense of what we’ve been up to. Check back to keep up to date on our latest deals.

Here are some of the properties we currently own. Click on each property’s thumbnail to see the full-sized image.


We Believe That Persistence Wins.

The Boreal Advantage is about going the extra mile in our due diligence, analysis and market research.

The Boreal Advantage

Specialized local knowledge coupled with rigorous selection and market analysis by a seasoned group of professionals create the Boreal Advantage. Find out more

Investment Strategy

Real estate is an excellent component of any portfolio. But the ingredients for success must include a proven approach and strategy. At Boreal, we have the solution. Find out more...

Ninja Tools

Highly specialized tools give Boreal cutting edge abilities to source, analyze, acquire and add massive value to each of its properties. Here, we share them with you. Find out more