We believe In providing people with places to call home.

The home is where the heart lies. At Boreal, we make families happy by offering the perfect one.

We picture a world where it's easy for people to get good housing at a reasonable price.

A home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. At Boreal, we pride ourselves on providing great value in each of our properties.

We believe that knowing where you want to go will show you how to get there.

There is no shortage of great properties. At Boreal, we scour the marketplace to find the perfect value at the perfect price.

We Believe That Persistence Wins.

The Boreal Advantage is about going the extra mile in our due diligence, analysis and market research.

The Boreal Advantage

Specialized local knowledge coupled with rigorous selection and market analysis by a seasoned group of professionals create the Boreal Advantage. Find out more

Investment Strategy

Real estate is an excellent component of any portfolio. But the ingredients for success must include a proven approach and strategy. At Boreal, we have the solution. Find out more...

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Frequently Asked Questions At Boreal Properties

As thought leaders in the industry, we take an educational approach when working with partners. We find that specialized knowledge serves us well and is a key part of the Boreal Advantage. At Boreal, we truly believe that real estate is an excellent component of any portfolio and that these principles will serve any serious real estate investor. Learn more below.

Why should someone be interested in real estate investing?

That’s a valid question and anyone who wants to invest should carefully consider all options, and there are many. But, real estate does offer some advantages to people who don’t have very large amounts of money to invest.

One of the best things about real estate is that it is hard for large organizations to compete against the small, local investor. If you are trying to make money in commodities you are facing organizations which have office buildings full of experts on every relevant aspect, plenty of money, and strong relationships with the brokers. That’s a huge advantage. But that advantage is a disadvantage when you are dealing with real estate that is under a few million dollars. That’s where teams like Boreal Properties do have an advantage. We don’t have to deploy millions of dollars per month and we don’t have to pay for the office building and the salaries of those very expensive experts.

Real estate is intensely local. Conditions can vary from block to block, from house to house. That’s where we focus our efforts.

How does Boreal Properties find investments?

Because real estate is very local, for us, national or even state statistics are not much of a help. We work to connect to all sorts of real estate investors to build our network. If you do that consistently you meet people who will lead you into areas where opportunities are greater. We are currently focused on Northeastern Pennsylvania. This is very different from the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh area. Even within Northeastern Pennsylvania there is really significant variation. Some areas have very little appreciation but excellent cash flow, some much less cash flow but better appreciation. We constantly seek opportunity.

What kind of real estate does Boreal Properties look for?

There are three parts to the answer to that question: return, type, and condition.

First, the return. The return we seek is significant cash flow on a cash-on-cash basis. That’s how much money you get after all expenses and costs compared to how much of your capital you had to expend. It does not include appreciation, tax advantages, or mortgage paydown. This is important because we have to watch our cash carefully since we aren’t a giant company with deep pockets.

Second, the type. Our selected type is small rental properties, anything from single family rentals to small apartment buildings up to perhaps 20 units. Returns can be excellent with this category. Every category has its challenges but we have experience with this type and it has the advantage that there is sufficient cash flow that we can deal with the inevitable problems.

Third, the condition. The condition is distressed or with some financing advantage, usually either a big value add possibility or seller financing. The term distressed has more meanings than might be expected. Yes, some properties are in poor physical condition but personal or financial reasons can also cause distress. As for the financing component, the value add aspect needs explanation. That term means that after some effort, repair work or better management, the property will be significantly more valuable. Most people are familiar with the idea of a ‘flip’. A value add deal is very much like a flip but we retain the property. This can lead to a financing arrangement where we get back a meaningful amount of the money we put into the deal. Since we are aiming at cash on cash return, this helps a lot.

Seller financing can be part or all of the purchase price. Some sellers are open to this and it can make acquisitions easier. It doesn’t affect the price we can pay.

Why Real Estate As Your Preferred Investment?

Availability Is Crucial to Success. Availability is the unmentioned third leg of a tripod. Usually, investments are evaluated on a risk versus reward basis. But an investment has to be available to be valuable. This is a key advantage to the real estate investor.

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