At Boreal, we believe in fairness and win-wins.

Boreal Properties Is Looking For Contractors

We are always looking for licensed and insured contractors.   To work with us, please download the Contractor Application by clicking here, fill it out, and email it to

Please read our company policies listed below or download them here.


How to Work with Us

Boreal Properties LLC and Pennworth LLC

We issue our own contracts. The contract is fair and necessary to protect both of us from a variety of legal concerns. If you or your attorney have a problem with the contract we can discuss it.

• All work is “on the books”.
• Electrical and plumbing requires worker to be licensed
• Permits and inspections are required
• Photographs of completed work are required
• Final payment requires a waiver of lien

Contractor must supply

  1. Full company name
  2. EIN
  3. Company address (not a PO Box)
  4. Mobile phone number
  5. Other phone if available
  6. Email address
  7. Filled out W9 form
  8. Copy of insurance document
  9. Start date
  10. Completion date
  11. Detailed description of work
  12. Voided check for payment

How to get paid

  1. Contractor is expected to purchase supplies except for large purchases.
  2. Contractor must provide an invoice and photos for work and receipts for purchases.
  3. Invoice should indicate contract name (will be on your contract), company (Boreal or Pennworth). The clearer your invoice is the less delay in paying.
  4. All invoices and related material should be emailed to
  5. Usual payment is by direct transfer to the contractor’s account (ACH). This takes a few days and is delayed by bank holidays, weekends, etc.
  6. Large payments that are being financed require lender inspection and review. This takes about a week.

We Believe That Persistence Wins.

The Boreal Advantage is about going the extra mile in our due diligence, analysis and market research.

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