We believe in anticipating the unexpected.

The Boreal Advantage

We provide owners with a meaningful alternative to listing on their own or with an agent. Most property owners have no idea of available options beyond listing with a real estate agent or trying to sell on their own.

We reach out to property owners ourselves through our network of real estate investors and practitioners.

We are landlords and understand rental properties. We offer fair prices and are easy to work with because we have done this many times. Our company can close with CASH on the seller’s timeline.

We have an aggressive TEAM approach, and a top-notch ability to expand our client base through advanced deal structuring and real estate techniques.

We are affiliated with a national network that provides continual support and weekly trainings on changes throughout our industry. We work with both local investors and real estate experts and this process allows us to circumvent many pitfalls made by novice investors.

Our core business asset is our system, education and knowledge of the real estate industry. We did not become real estate investors overnight. We have spent thousands of dollars to be successful in this business and do it right the first time.

Specialized local knowledge coupled with rigorous selection and market analysis by a seasoned group of professionals create the Boreal Advantage. Find out more

Real estate is an excellent component of any portfolio. But the ingredients for success must include a proven approach and strategy. At Boreal, we have the solution. Find out more...

Highly specialized tools give Boreal cutting edge abilities to source, analyze, acquire and add massive value to each of its properties.Check them out

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